Rolim Advogados Associados is a Brazilian international law firm, incorporated in São Paulo in 1991.

In Brazil, the firm has acted through its correspondent firms in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and Porto Alegre, having the support of other firms located in the North and Northeast of the country.  Recently, it associated with Tocantins Advocacia in the city of Cuiabá, State of Mato Grosso, with strong and consolidated reputation in the Middle West of the country.

Abroad, the firm has had presence not only in NYC but also in Florida and West Coast (Los Angeles), in addition to the growing representations in metropolitan cities like Buenos Aires, London, Hannover and Tokyo.  It does count with the cooperation of correspondent law firms throughout Brazil, Latin and North America, Europe and Asia.  It has a representative office in New York for counseling services working as well with other larger expert firms in the same region.

ROLIM Advogados has gained a strong reputation in the international business community, in Brazil and abroad, because of its careful selection of professionals with remarkable experience in dealing with clients doing business in Brazil and Brazilian nationals investing abroad.  The professionals are trained to render advice that transcends the cultural, legal and language barriers.

By offering multidisciplinary legal services in the assistance and structuring of national and multinational clients, ROLIM Advogados has also the support of outside paralegal professionals, ISO 9001 accredited accountants, auditors, sworn legal translators, among other professionals working with intellectual property, immigration, environmental and telecommunication. Therefore, the firm coordinates the registrations, licenses and permits that its clients are usually required to implement their operations in Brazil.

In addition to the legal services for incorporation of new business enterprises, mergers and acquisition and joint ventures, ROLIM Advogados has wide expertise on the administration and closing of companies involving the liquidation of assets left behind.  The cessation of corporate activities, particularly in Brazil, involves a wide range of legal measures in order to obtain tax and contingency clearances, including the termination of contracts in course, closing down accounts at banks, maintenance of accounting, obtaining certificates at the local, state and federal agencies.  In both cases, the firm offers on temporary basis office infrastructure, facilities and legal representation of international companies to enable clients to accomplish their objectives.

ROLIM Advogados’ major goals are always to provide excellence in its services for the clients trust and loyalty.